July 30, 2012

Miss Peach And Her Peaches

miss peach and her peaches

The peach tree was laden down with the softest, peachiest peaches you can imagine. Although a small tree, she took the burden of the bountiful crop. It was a Sunday, a good day for making pies. Miss Peach, took her wooden bowl and filled it up with the sweet, downy fruit. It was a better idea than reading. After all, she's only six. And reading is far too serious for a summer day with school already just around the corner. Master Peach agreed.

 For one's first pie, success is important. So, grandmother Peach decided to give a go as a crumble. When one doesn't eat certain things, other things will have to do. A crumble of almond meal, butter and cinnamon will give it a Spanish flair!

 Master Peach thought it much more interesting to throw rocks in the pond. 

Getting ones hands in the crumble and spreading it around is a fine mess. 

Ms. Peach's finished product ready for the oven. 

1 comment:

cindy lou said...

how precious! Your pictures ell almost as good a story as your words.So glad I was there to witness this peachy event!