About PMCA


Learn more about the Culinary Advenures designed and guided by Peggy each year at peggymarkel.com

What turns travel into adventure? Amazing sights, new tastes and great people play a role. But at the heart of the matter is our own open spirit and curiosity, a sense of romance found in small things, and a friendly approach to our fellow humans. This key opens the door to unforgettable experiences and delights. This is the philosophy behind Peggy Markel’s Culinary Adventures.

Drawing on Peggy’s 17 years of culinary travel and discovery, Peggy’s Adventures offer a direct entr√© into the magical cultures of the Mediterranean and North Africa. You will stand in different shoes for a time, and walk at a different pace, in the vineyards of wine producers, in the studios of cheese makers, at the stove of great chefs, in groves that produce local delicacies and spice markets from a different age. All hands-on. After these days of adventure, you will return with a greater bounty than a few recipes or branches of rosemary, but with a truly long-lasting appreciation of life’s fineness and richness. That’s a meal we can always enjoy!

Peggy leads trips to the following destinations:

Morocco: A Feast of the Senses
November 6-15, 2011
November 5-12, 2012

Italy: Sailing and Savoring the Amalfi Coast
June 11-18, 2011
June 18-25, 2011

Tuscany: La Cucina Focolare
October 2-10, 2011

Spain: Grenada and the Alpujarras Mountains
October 21-18, 2011

Sicily: A Different Italy
September 8-15, 2011

India: Tasting Royal Rajasthan
February 5-17, 2012