February 22, 2011

Persian Love Cake

We just found this delightful blog at My Marrakesh.

Morocco, Libya, Bahrain, Iran and, really, the world: A tale of Persian Love Cake
In these times of turmoil, of tumult, of turbulence.  Yes, in these times of upheaval, of unrest, of uproar. Oh, in these times of clamoring, confusion, and commotion, I thought I would offer you this:
Persian Love Cake.
Persian Love Cake 3

We love the candied rose petals, which are, as Maryam writes, "helpful when wishing for rose colored glasses to see the world around you."

Read the full blog here. It is a reminder that amidst change and uncertainty, we can always go back to the textures, the flavors, and the rich culture that surrounds us. 

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