January 16, 2011

Live Life to the Fullest!

Granita di caffé con panna on a hot day after a long cool sail. Salina, Sicily.

Live Life to the Fullest.

Being at home can bring simple pleasures. But as a traveler, I look forward to what the open road can teach me. There's time to think, to reflect, and have the world reflected back.
As an artist, I take every frame of the photo seriously; a poetic moment in time. As a cook, I like to find new ways to use familiar ingredients with a twist and offer creative dishes to my friends.
I  am tremendously grateful for how my life has taken shape due to the people I've met, languages learned, and a broader view developed because of them. I no longer just think of myself or my immediate family. Instead I think often about the people I have met in various countries, who have shared their knowledge and friendship so generously. They have helped to make the strange, familiar.
A trip can take us to the source of a particular ingredient or dish. Tasting new flavors in food and varieties of wine helps us to understand terrior ~ a "taste of place". There is a "powerful thud" that resonates with our own ripening awareness when a taste or texture grabs our attention. In that moment, we savor life in a different way, face to face with our enjoyment of a new discovery.
A vacation can happen in a moment, or only for a moment and be worthwhile.
This new year, why not make a resolution to live life to the fullest and join us on a savory, smooth sailing trip in the Med, or explore exotic Morocco. Why not say, this is the year that I will finally visit the Tuscan countryside and find out what "rustico" and "la dolce vita" mean.
Choose the program that speaks to you. I promise you there will be enough ingredients to make it the trip of a lifetime. 

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