May 11, 2010

Private One-Day Cooking Classes in Florence, May and June 2010.

This month and next, Peggy will be offering private cooking classes in Florence.

The classes, based out of Peggy's home behind the Palazzo Vecchio in downtown Florence, are terrific one-on-one experiences.

Peggy writes, "The day begins with a cappuccino at Cibreo to discuss the menu, a trip to the market to choose the best ingredients, a stroll through the cobblestoned alleys of Florence back to my apartment to cook, and sharing a lunch of what we have prepared."

For travelers, these lessons provide a one-day intensive that will immerse you into the life of a Florentine insider. Cooking in Peggy's home is a welcomed retreat from the street, and the tourist routine of eating out night after night.

One minute, a tourist. The next? A friend of a friend..of a friend.

Wine and a wine lesson are also included. Email Peggy for more information and pricing.

the donuts at Cibreo—yum!

"Anatomy of a Latté" Peggy gives a lesson on the perfect Italian latté at Cibreo, her favorite Florentine café.

Finding fresh local strawberries at the Sant'Ambrogio market.

The perfect meal calls for the perfect cheese, thanks to advice at the Sant'Ambrogio Market.

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