November 2, 2009

How to Dress a Salad, by Raffaella Antoniazzi

November 1 st, 2009.
It was an introspective retreat in Terzano, 10 minutes from Florence in the nearby hills.
After a long walk and talk about food and our relationship to it, Raffaella brought out one of her favorite cookbooks and read this charming recipe. She, Laine and I, had just picked tender cavolo nero from the garden, along with other hearty greens for a bitter autumn salad.

The full moon rose in Taurus, and she waxed poetically about her love for dressing things.
Antique quilts dress her bed. Fine linens dress her windows and cashmere throws dress the
feather down divan. It comes from years of experience as a Hotelier, working with the Ferragamo family's prestigious Hotel line.

Her favorite thing to dress, even more than herself? Salad. She adores salad.


Anne B Wright said...

Brava! E molte divertente!

Laine Boswell said...

Absolutely Beautiful! What a magical day & weekend that was....