July 17, 2009

Cedro Ordinario

Citron~or Cedro Ordinario~ on a pedestal. It deserves to be. Its a magnificent fruit deserving of a Jewish delegation that comes from Israel every year between July and August to choose the best fruit to be used in the most important holiday; Succoth. There is an actual 'mashgaich' who observes the trunk of the tree to be sure it hasn't been grafted and that it's 'kosher'. Once decided, it's picked, further analyzed and put into a silver box and shipped to Tel Aviv.

These have obviously been grafted and would not make the cut. I became fond of them in Sicily at 'Regaleali', Anna Tasca Lanza's family wine estate, one and half hour south of Palermo. The pulp is appreciated and has very little juice. I fell in love with it in a salad, thinly sliced with fennel and dressed with just pressed olive oil and salt. It's often candied, but I prefer it fresh.

Capri. June 22. 09

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