May 27, 2009

From the Nest

I have been gathering information for my blog for the last month and realize how much appreciation I have for bloggers that can actually keep up the daily discipline for getting their entries in. I find it quite challenging! I thought to explain this as a thread to the entries to come. They will be back tracking in and out of places that I've been for the last month.

I'm always thinking of the wonderful people that have come on my courses, not to mention friends that I think about when cruising around. I love seeing through other people's eyes and this is just what happens when I look at something not only
from my point of view, but from others. 'Oh Sally would love this', for example. We have connections with people that make us laugh, others that make us cry- or both. We have it all in the' tender spot' that seems to be so exposed these days. Ways in which we are moved beyond belief or explanation.

I send my best from Florence where I am snug in the heat and humidity of above average temperature, the height of the terracotta tile roofs. It's an oven up here on the 4th floor. Luckily, there is also a nice breeze. At least I am cooking rather
confection like.

I ride my bike to the market every day and come back with loads of freshness to experiment with. Did I tell you there were no spring programs? Right. I've had all the time in the world to do things I haven't been able to do in 17 years. It's the first season ever. I am writing. ( you see). I have just finished a book proposal (don't laugh~ they are still printing them) a few short stories,
and many heart-felt letters. I wish there was such a thing as being a professional heart-felt letter writer. That might be a job for me.

Foto's of the Nest~ Via del Parlascio, 6. Command center for the observing the world, within and without.

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